Dr. Doris trains in each level of Emotional Intelligence and Neuro Linguistic Programming. She is known for her mindful and respectability. The manner in which she associates with every member in the preparation room is remarkable. She is perceived for her incredible and engaging educating style. There will never be an exhausting second in her trainings. Dr. Doris straightforwardly test and difficulties the members' comprehension of the educated ideas. She guarantees prompt and every day expertise application engaging members and any customers to build the nature of their connections, group and generally speaking execution.

Her passion is manifesting breakthroughs for trainers in their delivery, performance and presentation. She is committed to train leaders who engage with large teams or audiences to provide the most effective presentations. She is the expert in training trainers to produce specific and measurable results delivering in the most structured, interactive and engaging way. She is committed in helping trainers all the way through to increase their career.

Doris NLP Goa


Dr. Doris Greenwood is a corporate mentor and sales master. She accepts that the quintessence of business achievement lies in the intensity of using feelings and connections. Dr. Doris is result driven and focused on delivering quantifiable and critical changes in every day viability, profitability thus income increment.









I’m a Naturopathic Doctor

she has vast experience in guiding primal therapy, childhood deconditioning and Reichian and Lowen Bioenergy.

I’m a Counselor

Her work is also specialized in successfully addressing trauma, addictions and sexual abuse.

I’m NLP Therapist

She believes that the essence of business success lies in the power of utilizing emotions and relationships.

I’m NLP Trainer

Her life’s work and commitment is to provide the highest standard NLP trainings which includes custom-designing to individuals and groups.

I’m NLP Coach

Her purpose is to contribute with her work to a higher level of respect, collaboration and consciousness in the world.


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