What a super NLP Master Practitioner group calling themselves "NLP Naughty Ninjas". Today we experienced the Vicious Circle emotions: Guilt. It is important to understand that guilt is an absolute unnecessary emotion that does not help anything and only stops us from moving forward.
Physically experiencing the dilemma of idealism, failure, inferiority, guilt and victimization and martyrdom brought forth ancient archetypes even from past lives that then got transformed it into conscious release, honing constant self-worth, self-love and celebrating life. Guilt is often underneath grief, which is a necessary emotion. Guilt most often hinders the natural cycle of grief and makes the emotional suffering worse.

The Transforming Guilt process only taught by Dr. Doris and in DrDorisNLP.com allows you within one session to re-program what got stuck and free yourself toward being able to be yourself and move toward the future you desire and deserve.

Dancing to "celebrate Life" tops of the process and makes sure everyone leaves healthy, relieved and happy.

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