Program Overview


The pre-requisite for NLP MASTER PRACTITIONER program is a recognized 5-day NLP or Coaching training.

The NLP Master Practitioner, Part 1


Excel your ability to coach others with methods of success. Meanwhile also enjoy experiencing all techniques on yourself

  • Walking and talking the NLP Presuppositions
  • Build purpose and outcome-orientation. Begin your NLP Master Vision Statement.
  • Free yourself of limiting patterns, NLP change technique: The Awareness Process
  • Use time in language to shift time forms (past, present, future) putting problems into the past and bring forth the future
  • Advanced rapport application; The 4-Step Leading Pattern; Pass on challenging messages successfully
  • The Neuro-Logical Levels to generalize change successfully
  • Motivation, emotional engagement and behavior prediction; Meta Programs
  • Avoiding procrastination; make time your friend. Optimize Time Management. Learn utilizing the structure of time and manage time more successfully
  • NLP transformation techniques for Multi-Level Issues: Successfully address any form of fear and anxiety. Visual Kinesthetic Disassociation. Learn to apply and utilize the famous NLP Phobia Cure
Nlp Master Practitioner
  • Introduction to NLP Re-programming Tool:The Time Line
  • Advanced NLP questioning, language and communication patterns to optimize Coaching
  • Important NLP Concept & Skill: Modelling. Master belief, capability and behavior of someone with your desired expertise.
  • Bringing goals and potential into fruition with the most innovative Time Matrix. Create your Time Matrix to successfully apply the Law of Attraction into Action
  • The 8 Steps Coaching Process to become a Master Coach. Experiencing, receiving and giving session to others through multiple feedback techniques

Stop being run by your emotions or thoughts. Become a Master in transforming challenges. Create long-lasting change and bring aspirations into action.

The NLP Master Practitioner, Part 2

  • Utilize Purpose, Outcomes and Visions. Excel your purpose and vision statement. Refine your Time Matrix
  • Become a master in pattern detection and transformation
  • NLP transformation techniques for Multi-Level Issues:
  • NLP Time Line: Re-program your life's timeline for greater change and success Use the TimeLine on the floor to access subconscious information to transform negative beliefs, fear, trauma and compulsions in one session
  • Transforming Perfectionism, Self-Critic and the Vicious Circle of Guilt
  • 4 of 9 motivation filters that optimize emotional engagement and presentation
  • NLP Strategy Elicitation - Advanced design and application of strategies for career and life success
  • Learn and apply Timeline Re-programming techniques
  • Question Techniques; Poly-contextual patterns for Coaching excellence
Nlp Master Practitioner
  • One-Line belief changes and persuasion excellence
  • Advanced language patterns for negotiation and sales excellence
  • Develop and prepare our Modelling Project. Demonstrate a new proficiency: Modelling Presentations
  • Use the Innovative Time Matrix to Bring Your Potential into Action
  • Demonstrate applying "The 8-Step Coaching Process" to become a Master Coach.
  • Power projection, ethics, guidelines and professionalism as a NLP Master Coach.

More Details on Nlp Master Practitioner Content

  • Master of Senses & Calibration
  • Motivation Filters (Meta Programs)
  • Advanced Language Patterns & Communication Excellence
  • Become a Success  Strategist
  • Advanced Interventions for Identity & Behavioral Change
  • Time Matrix (taught only in this NLP Master Track)
  • designed to overcome shyness, fear of public speaking or any social  anxiety
Nlp Master Practitioner Dual Certification

NLP Master Facilitator & NLP Master Practitioner & Master Life Coach from the Society of NLP & Conscious Solutions, The NLP Association International. Includes a complete Master Manual with practical applications (~170 pages), available at that time. You will also receive numerous handouts, templates and NLP game card sets.

You will be supported by a strong team of people who have been certified and have their own NLP business. A NLP assistant will always be readily
available to you. Together we provide you with five decades of experience in the field of NLP. Enjoy accelerated learning through kinesthetic styles, visual aids, video and sound feedback techniques that are interactive, fun and excel memorization.

Your previous NLP & Coaching Skills will be like puzzle pieces coming together into a clear whole picture. Take your NLP and coaching skills up to the next level!