Inner Freedom

Inner Freedom

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40 minute guided relation with music
and 40 minute music only

This hypnotic journey deepens your awareness and invites you to being grateful.
Discover how you are part of the vastness and infinity the sky and the ocean.
Apply the art of distancing from unwanted thoughts and emotions freeing yourself for the vastest freedom there is – the Inner Freedom…


Enjoy this relaxation whenever needed or as a daily meditation. It is specifically designed to respect your unique processing and the discovery of your own solutions.

Relaxation and meditation are increasingly prescribed in today’s business communities. They are not only revitalizing as a response to these challenging, stressful times, but also lead to greater job satisfaction and productivity.

Medical research demonstrates the outstandingly positive results of guided relaxation for physical and emotional health, for the depth and length of sleep, and for staying
more centered and calm during daily activities.

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