Meeting Inner Freedom #1

Meeting Inner Freedom #1

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with Neuro-Linguistic Programming

Many spiritual models have created the illusion tha inner peace or the science of the mind is something to be achieved. Meeting Inner Freedom is a contemporary spiritual perspective composed of various spiritual teaching. It suggests to stop the search and points: “What you are looking for is already here”.
Negative or unresourceful thoughts, painful emotions, or any blocks are often in our way to find our inner science and freedom. NLP’s magic tools are applied to redirect and transform those patterns by lovingly welcoming and embracing them, so they lead to pure consciousness. this is about practicing des-identification from thoughts and emotions. You are invited to experience the unwanted state or emotion so totally that it will dissipate or “pop”. This video welcomes you to encounter and work through your own themes by participating in several short demonstration encounters.
Building one’s ability to refrain from listening to the inner stories, judgements and interpretations- but to simply focus on the pure feeling itself, nourishes one’s essence and so provides: “Meeting Inner Freedom”.


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