Releasing Emotional Enmeshment #2

Releasing Emotional Enmeshment #2

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Releasing  Codependency

This is the most intensive and impactful process after years of studying and researching compulsive or addictive behaviors (food dependency, alcohol, substances, etc.) the process is evendentialy proven by the recipients positive results through frequent and long term feedback reports
Releasing Emotional Enmeshment works on all levels, emotional, mental, physical and energetic facilitated through an impressive NLP Re-imprinting that functions simultaneously as metaphysical surgery. The outstanding success here utilizes the same unique structure of a particular addiction by filling it with the new and desired response and identification.
Before the demonstration sessions Judy has suffered from the ties of a codependent relationship and seemed to not be able to find her way out. The session itself has given her tremendous help and opening, as she states, it helped her not only to separate from this man successfully but also to enjoy relationships in a new and desirable way.


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