Path to Becoming a Certified Master Trainer | Best NLP Master Trainer Course in India

Transform Your Career with our Certified Master Trainer Program

Welcome to the unique Corporate & NLP Master Trainer Certification program, where you have the opportunity to unlock the full potential of your training career.

Ready to elevate your public speaking, training design, and delivery skills to the next level? Excel in applying multi-sensory and accelerated learning styles for immediate and long-term memory enhancement. Learn to use any stage more creatively with elements from Theatre Improv.

SNLP’s advanced, original, and highly experiential approaches elevate you as a trainer, integrating interactive content reproduction within each teaching session. The 12-Day Corporate & NLP Trainer (TT) plus 7-day NLP Master Trainer Training (MTT) deepens your resources, expands your possibilities, and includes lessons on digital presentation and increasing market visibility.

With TT certification, you can certify in all NLP levels. MTT enables you to train Trainer Training and certify trainers.

Guaranteed career enhancement backed by feedback from professionals and Dr. Doris, supplemented by extensive materials from SNLP.

Dr. Doris brings passion to elevate NLP and Trainers, offering support until your career takes flight. Become a Conscious Solutions Trainer, featured on the CSC website, boosting credibility.

Join the only TT & MTT opportunity in Asia and the Middle East. Attain a triple international certification either online or at our retreat in Goa, India.

Key Benefits

Excel your Training Skills & Public Speaking

Master your stage through Theatre Improv’

Accelerated Multi-Sensory Learning Styles

Significantly enhance your audience engagement

Elevate Training Effectiveness

Harness Accelerated Multi-Sensory Learning Styles

Gain Triple International Certification

Learn to increase your training business through Conscious Solution’s support

Your Path to Become a Master Trainer

Corporate & NLP Trainer Training

Sep-Nov 2024

Master Trainer Training, Goa & Hybrid

Aug 2025



Extensive SNLP training material


Three manuals


Audio & Video Recordings of your presentations


Access to a TT & MTT platform for extensive practice


Assistance in completing missed hours and assignments


One Year Monthly group internships/supervision with the Master Trainer


Why Choose Us

Dr. Doris’s 35 years of experience in having made a difference for more than 1,00,000 people round the world is embedded in her caring approach always committed to excel your learnings and potential as a trainer. Her extensive background in all levels of NLP, Emotional Intelligence, Presentation and Trainer Training will fill you with the confidence, outrageousness, and charm you need to succeed. She is called the most “kinesthetic – physical” trainer in the east, adding physical anchoring and exercises within every training session. She excels in how to use the stage and your body and your emotions in a way that supports you to present like you never presented before…

She is the only NLP Master Trainer in the East & Asia offering triple international certification (CS, EC, ABNLP & SNLP).


Yes, join as a Conscious Solutions Trainer and certify through us and all international logos.

Yes, if your TT is 12 days minimum and certified internationally. Otherwise, attend “The Bridge” 3-Day program to learn prerequisites for Master Trainer.

Successful attendance gives you the Corporate Trainer certification. After retaking NLP Practitioner & NLP Masters and 15 Super Vision group hours post TT, you automatically receive the NLP Trainer title.

Yes, encouraged for career acceleration. Your provisional certificate will be replaced with the final one upon completing all conditions.

Yes, choose package 2 or 1 for a minimum one-year monthly group internships. Conscious Solutions Trainer access allows unlimited re-takes. 100% satisfaction guaranteed. Enroll for a free consultation now!

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