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How much is ineffective and inconsistent leadership costing you?

  • Do your leaders doubt their power or fail to own their authority?
  • Are your leaders hesitant or procrastinate when making big decisions?
  • Are your leaders’ instructions clear and concise?

When your leaders are hesitant in their role or use harsh and abrupt leadership styles you lose momentum, time and money. Unclear and insufficient instructions cause ripple-affects you may be unaware of. Leaders of an organization need to be strong, empowered and driven by achievement. They also need to be able to foster great relationships and get excellent feedback from all their direct reports.Your organization’s effectiveness and productivity is directly linked to your manager’s  leadership skills.This program raises the confidence and authority level of your leaders and their ability to lead a team successfully. Your leaders learn to define their purpose and vision and how to execute it.Leading others is directly linked to the ability to lead oneself. A specific process is designed to identify and transform emotions and thoughtswhich may be in the way of success. Leadership thinking, stance and presence will be boosted.

This program also focuses on how to:

  • transform resistance into agreement
  • increase ownership thinking
  • communicate and give instructionssuccessfully
  • master emotions elegantlyeffectively
  • overcome obstacles at work
  • implement change successfully

Carefully designed exercises specific to your situation promote the leaders ability to exude authority while honing relationship quality. The “Time Matrix” strategic planning model is used to bring desired goals and necessary changes into action.Participants will complete this program boosted with innovative leadership skills, strengthened in their role and with an enhanced charisma and integrity directly increasing the organization’s performance and revenue.Unlike other programs and online courses where you mainly receive concepts and lectures this program is hands-on. Conscious Solutions uses visual and tangible training tools to engage your people in an alive, fun and entertaining fashion.We believe successful leaders are firmly behind the company’s vision and direction and they lead and respond accordingly. We believe in not only training but also testing your leaders in their leadership styles and in developing their unique way of achieving desired results in real time throughout the program.Participants of this program will leave with assignments as a part of a continuing reflective follow-up process moving toward greater excellence.


I am delighted to report that we were able to complete the relocation of our data center in 25% less time than planned as a result of the kind of leadership skills for our managers that has come from this leadership training.

Stevie Morton, CIO, Providence Health Systems Alaska

Conscious Solutions leadership programs are specifically designed for:

  • Supervisors & Team Leaders
  • Managers & Directors
  • Executives & Senior Leaders
  • Women Entrepreneurs

Programs are available in the following formats:

  • Keynote speeches
  • Individual and team coaching
  • Half-day trainings
  • One-to five day programs

We understand that your employees are being paid while in training. Organizing training takes effort and is an investment that needs to pay off. At Conscious Solutions we work together with you in assessing your challenges and defining your training outcomes and purpose. Business evaluations and specific interview processes help to objectively decide when, how and for which of your groups our programs will create greatest return.

Sample training results:

A group of 20 managers in a large hospital lost each up to three hours a day due to ineffective communication, poor meeting preparation and having to solve conflicts rather than preventing them. After applying the skills from the Conscious Solutions program they reported having recovered more than two hours a day. The ripple effects on all team members were tremendous.Can you calculate how much time and money your organization will gain when all program participants will produce two hours’ worth of more work every day? Our passion is to produce your desired results. We are there for you before, during and after our programs and we offer follow-up procedures to assure long-term success.Please ask for information on measurable training results, participant feedback and testimonials about the specific training programs.

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