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Do fragmented and unproductive team dynamics increase your stress and hamper your work flow?

If you are experiencing any of the following issues we can help:

  • procrastination, delay of project deadlines and going over budget
  • finger pointing, excuses and lack of accountabilit
  • lack of commitment to business goals and the company’s vision

This infinite vicious circle: Organizations that do not promote team work are suffering from a lack of efficiency which in turn correlates to low employee morale, an increase in sick leave and ultimately high employee turnover. The challenge with accountability and efficiency is that we have no idea how much we can improve before we get to experience it. This certainly causes ripple-effects you may not be aware of.

The Innovative Accountability & Efficiency Booster Program furthers:

  • Identifying and eliminating resistantbehaviorand conflict at the on-set
  • Taking responsibility and assuming ownership
  • Transforming any excuses into Language that Empowers
  • Defining and expressing purpose and prioritization
  • Raising flexibility and managing change
  • Commitment and loyalty to the company and its vision
  • The 5 Essential for Efficiency

This programis designed to increase job satisfaction, employee morale and team spirit. Accountability and profitability thinking will be heightened in a way that your employees’ engagement, passion and new commitment will pay off with measurable results.A specific process then aligns individual commitment with your company’s financial goals and profitability.


This customized training has given our managers new tools to bring their skills in team work and communication to a new level of excellence. I have seen in the interaction of our employees a significant difference in the way they create and prevent conflicts. It has raised the bar of how they think and act with more accountability.

Jennifer Witt, AICP, Chief of Planning & Administration, Central Region DOT & PF 

Conscious Solutions’ Team Building & Efficiency programs can be specifically designed for all groups and levels of your organization.

Sample training result:

A group of 20 managers in a large hospital lost each up to three hours a day due to ineffective communication, poor meeting preparation and having to solve conflicts rather than preventing them. After applying the skills from the Conscious Solutions program they reported having recovered more than two hours a day. The ripple effects on all team members were tremendous.Can you calculate how much time and money your organization will gain when all program participants will produce two hours’ worth of more work every day? Our passion is to produce your desired results. We are there for you before, during and after our programs and We offer follow-up procedures to assure long-term success.Please ask for information on measurable training results, participant feedback and testimonials about the specific training programs.

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