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Do you know how much conflict and miscommunication is costing your organization?

  • Is your time being wasted with complaints, finger pointing or any form of conflict?
  • Are poor interactions causing you stress?
  • Are you losing customers because employees lack relationship skills?
  • Is miscommunication making you miss deadlines and fall short of completing your goals?

When employees do not follow instructions, gossip or talk negatively about others you lose time and money.Poor interactions, conflict and high emotions cause stress and negatively affect your working atmosphere and productivity. Breakdowns in communication might be more expensive than you think. Your ability to thrive as a leader is directly related to the quality of communication of your employees.At Conscious Solutions we offer a program on Business Communication which empowers participants to meet and transform potential conflict at the onset. The first step is for everyone to take responsibility for communication which results in a way that eliminates assumptions and accusations.You will experience your instructions being followed more easily. Your people will be trained to create and maintain rapport regardless of any differences (culture, age, gender) and regardless of their personal preferences.Participants will practice how to effectively pass on challenging messages while maintaining relationships. Your employees will leave the program with a heightened sense of responsibility which in turn helps you reach your goals and increase performance.Unlike other programs and online courses where you mainly receive concepts and lectures this program is hands-on. Conscious Solutions uses visual and tangible training tools to engage your people in an alive, fun and entertaining fashion. At Conscious Solutions we incorporate Emotional Intelligence into our training programs to ensure your people gain more control over their emotions and the emotions of others.We believe that training time and investment is best utilized through doing interactive practices. Participants will solve daily conflicts and challenges directly, right there on the day of the program.At Conscious Solutions we believe in empowering your managers and employees in ways that they come out with tangible and clear solutions and results. Exercises are designed to specifically cultivate the kind of business sense and communication that creates harmonious and productive working atmospheres.


Some of the benefits I noticed right away were the improvements in leading critical conversations and confrontation.  Not only did I see changes, but managers and employees gave these trainings an outstanding rating.

Bob Dvorak, CFO, Providence Health Systems, Alaska

Programs are available in the following formats:

  • Keynote speeches
  • Individual and team coaching
  • Half-day trainings
  • One-to five day programs

We understand that your employees are being paid while in training. Organizing training takes effort and is an investment that needs to pay off. At Conscious Solutions we work together with you in assessing your challenges and defining your training outcomes and purpose. Business evaluations and specific interview processes help to design the programs for the greatest return.

Sample training result:

A group of 20 managers in a large hospital lost each up to three hours a day due to ineffective communication, poor meeting preparation and having to solve conflicts rather than preventing them. After applying the skills from the Conscious Solutions program they reported having recovered more than two hours a day. The ripple effects on all team members were tremendous.Can you calculate how much time and money your organization will gain when all program participants will produce two hours’ worth of more work every day? Our passion is to produce your desired results. We are there for you before, during and after our programs and we offer follow-up procedures to assure long-term success.Please ask for information on measurable training results, participant feedback and testimonials about the specific training programs.

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