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Did you know that 80% of your success in life is determined by your Emotional Intelligence? Master your emotions in order to excel in your life!


Includes an EQ skill test before the training, after the training and as a long-term measure.

When people are stressed, fearful or driven by anxiety they cannot be happy. When people are joyful and happy they raise their productivity, have better relationships, work more effectively and have a better work-­life balance. In today’s world it is understood that it’s not anymore the IQ that matters but the EQ.

Are your emotions running you
or are you running your emotions?

What is lacking Emotional Intelligence?
  • Dry and serious lives that miss humor and miss fulfilling relationships
  • Tense working atmospheres filled with subtle accusation, judgment or forms of back stabbing
  • Putting one’s own frustration or anger onto others; overt or covert conflict
  • Emotional rollercoaster syndrome, feeling emotions of others, leading to exhaustion and losing rationality.
lacking Emotional Intelligence

What is Emotional Intelligence?

  • Emotion-awareness: Identifying own and other’s emotions properly. Ability to respond factual.
  • Emotion-regulation: Greater control and freedom of limiting emotions. Ability to feel positive emotions.
  • Internal motivation: Access one’s higher purpose, passion and inspiration, and acting upon it. Find fulfilling work.
  • Empathy: Furthering compassion, love & the power of the heart.
  • Relationship skills: Effectively transforming and improving all relationships. Build  more effective and fulfilling
    one-on-one, team or family relationships. Receive great feedback from anyone around you.
5 keys
Why This Training?

Receive 5 Keys for Emotional Intelligence

This is the most dynamic, engaging and out of the box program in India!

  • Addressing emotions using the body and in a way that no other training does
  • Access your trainer’s knowledge of more than 30 years vast experience integrates psychotherapy, primal-deconditioning, Improv’ Theatre and coaching
  • There are seven emotional core wounds. Explore your emotional core wound and heal it effectively right away.
  • A true merger of EI & NLP facilitate change quickly, powerfully and long­-lastingly.
  • Enrich your life through: Improv Theatre, Emotion Yoga and Laughter

The Power of Laughter

Laughing triggers happy hormones. Laughing is acknowledged in medicine as a remedy for improving health. The effect of laughter is deep relaxation; contentment up to ecstasy. Laughter brings forth the emotions most of us need to feel more: joy, bliss and happiness. Experience laughter in a way you never have before and learn how to use laughter in your life and work.

The next step after your Emotional Intelligence & NLP Practitioner is either the NLP Master Practitioner or a 5-Day Emotional Intelligence Master. This training equips you to apply EI in your work with others as a professional, as a coach or trainer.

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