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NLP Trainer People who are happy attract success. Create positive atmospheres & increase productivity through Emotional Intelligence.

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Dr Doris NLP Trainer Dr. Doris is the only internationally acknowledged Master Trainer from the Society of Neuro-Linguistic Programming in Middle East & Asia offering EI and NLP Certifications on all levels.

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Learn how to increase your work productivity and how you can manage your wok and life together.

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Learn how to deal with your emotion like adduction, compullsion, codependency and guilty.

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Make yourself a certified NLP Trainer which have abilty to engage more students or audiences.

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  • Bring enthusiastically your ideal changes through the Time Matrix
  • Dominate as a Certified Trainer who is sincerely captivating, successful and makes results
  • Improve your prosperity as an expert to convey and lead all the more adequately
  • Become a Certified NLP Master Coach helping other people accomplish their own and expert objectives with the 8-Step Coaching measure

Dr. Doris NLP Trainings, workshop and certifications

NLP Trainer
NLP Trainer & Practitioner

This program is specially for knowing the general knowledge about the NLP (What is NLP ?) which can enhance your and other's thinking, speaking as well as behavior patterns.

NLP Trainer

This program includes techniques (Integrity, Detachment, Mindfulness, Belief, Mental Stability, & Stress Tolerance) by which can make your mind healthy & grow new ideas in your mind.

Corporate & NLP Trainer

In the corporate world it is on the highest competency and global standard. so that this is very important to learn or grab this certification for every professional guy.

NLP Trainer

This is a truth that if a person is happy and tension-free then he can give his best performance in his work as well as in his life means he can balance his work life.

EI Master & NLP Trainer

The emotional intelligence master can build your Emotional Intelligence practitioner skills which can handle and transform your emotional issues like addiction, codependency and guilty.

EI Facilitator & NLP Trainer

Now in the current world of corporate it's very demanding so that the companies, schools colleges and universities are including NLP classes in their curriculum.

Our main motive of NLP training is to deliver the authentic and practical knowledge to our trainees. We can't misguide our students like use copied content or mix content or stealing someone other's ideas our original material of SNLP (1980 CA, USA) you learn and save it for the future use which is a part of our training.

We know the practical things are the best way to understand any thing So our learning pattern is applied which can engage more people and students. Dr. Doris NLP introducing is full of fun, practical and attractive learning pattern. Our course lessons are very structured and efficient and make for your easy and direct use, so you can use and apply all the NLP tools step by step in your daily life and see the positive changes in your thinking and verbal behavior.

We believe that people are “The Heart of the Matter”. We select the interaction techniques and strategies that express congruency, ethics and care.

There are two biggest organizations are available which provide the certification in neuro linguistic programming these are ABNLP & SNLP which provide the same content in the all over the world in USA, India, Gulf countries or UK Germany whenever you want to join the NLP Practitioner Training or NLP Master Practitioner training you will got the same content through these organizations.

You can see changes in style of presentation length of content and time duration if it is a visual content. we recommend you to only choose the SNLP and ABNLP approved institution for getting the admission or for joining the course like NLP Practitioner Training or NLP Master Practitioner training.

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WHY Neuro Linguistics Programming?

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Figure out your values and align your life to them.

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Overcome roadblocks and accomplish goals.

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Get over fears and change your job or habits.

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Breathe, relax, and become content with your world.




Where people are the Heart of the Matter

Improve your prosperity as an expert to impart and lead the more successfully.

Become a Certified Practitioner or Coach to help other's to accomplish their personal & professional objectives.

Dominate as a Certified Trainer who is connecting with, compelling and makes results.

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