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 Conscious Solutions believes that every human being has the potential and purpose to unfold and to bring into action personally and professionally while enriching their lives and relationships with others.

We believe in building the art of human beings and human intelligence on all levels, emotionally, spiritually, mentally, and physically. Our focus is furthering the levels of respect, interactive quality and moving forward creating and living our desired futures.


Our orientation is to uncover the wisdom of unity, meditation and peace within.

Our vision and commitment is to building and nourishing our community of coaches trainers and master trainers “Conscious Solutions World” creating increasing ripple effects to contribute to a world with greater levels of respect, peace, unity and consciousness.

We are dedicated since 1990 to advancing the field of personal and professional with innovative training experiences, dynamic, engaging, interactive, and oriented toward practical application. We are inspired by the passion to support our trainers and participants on all levels within their uniqueness and quality empowering others to do so.

Our programs emphasize synergy, systemic and generative approaches embedded in multi-dimensional and accelerated learning strategies to generate optimal learning and long-term effects.

I invite you to move forward to discover the possibilities and manifest the potential that beckons within. 

Often called “the expert’s expert”, Dr. Hall has been described by Richard Bandler, NLP Co-Developer, as “The Ultimate Wordsmith… The person who has probably taught me more about NLP and who continues to prove there is no end to this field.”

Dr. Doris is a dynamic teacher, who is recognized for her integrity, caring, in-depth knowledge, ability to model and teach NLP & EI and for her sense of practicality, personability and fun that she brings into the learning environment and to you.

Feel welcome to join!


Dr. A. Doris Greenwood is a corporate trainer and sales expert. She believes that the essence of business success lies in the power of utilizing emotions and relationships. Dr. Doris is result driven and committed to bringing forth measurable and significant changes in daily effectiveness, productivity and so revenue increase.

  • The only certifying Master Trainer from the original Society of NLP
  • A senior trainer and coach with more than 33 years of experience
  • US citizen traveled 3 continents yearly for the past 3 decades.


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