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Transform Your Career with our Certified Master Trainer Program

Welcome to the one-of-a-kind  Corporate & NLP Master Trainer Certification program, where you get the chance to unlock the full potential of your training career.

Would you like to bring your public speaking, training design and delivery skills to the next level? Are you ready to excel in applying multi-sensory and accelerated learning styles through optimal immediate and long-term memory enhancement with measurable results? Would you like to learn how to use any stage more creatively using your body and elements from Theatre Improv? This is your path to becoming a Certified Master Trainer.

SNLP’s advanced, original and innovative highly experiential and interactive approaches excel you as a trainer through structures that integrate interactive reproduction of learned content within each teaching session.

The 12-Day Corporate & NLP Trainer (TT) plus 7-day NLP Master Trainer Training (MTT) will bring you in contact with your deeper layered resources, give you feedback and expand your range of what is possible according to the programs and audience to tackle. This program includes additional lessons on public digital presentation, increasing your visibility in this competitive market and how to lay out a path of success for you as an internationally certified Trainer and Master Trainer.

With this TT certification you will be authorized to certify in all levels of NLP. The MTT will enable you to train Trainer Training and certify trainers.

We guarantee you will maximize your career as a trainer through each and every of the daily presentation you will give, backed up with multiple feedback you receive from your colleague professionals and the Master Trainer and through the advanced extensive materials from the original SNLP

Dr. Doris came to the East with her passion to elevate the levels of NLP and quality of Trainers and Master Trainers to create the greatest ripple effects within training. You may also become a Conscious Solutions Trainer receiving Dr. Doris support until your career flies; you will appear on the CSC website, Conscious Solutions Certification board backs up your credibility, validating your’s and your students certificates. Dr. Doris commitment is to contributing to greater levels of collaboration, ethics, respect and consciousness in the world.

Enjoy this outstanding TT & MTT program and only TT & MTT possibility in Asia and the Middle East with valid triple international certification as Corporate & NLP Trainer online or within the charming, beautiful and exciting onsite & online retreat in Goa, India.

Key Benefits

Learn how to increase your training business through becoming a Conscious Solution’s trainer and our sales and marketing training support

Excel your Training Skills & Public Speaking

Master your stage through Theatre Improv’

Optimally engage with the individual as well as audience simultaneously

Significantly enhance your audience engagement

Elevate Training Effectiveness

Harness Accelerated Multi-Sensory Learning Styles

Gain Tripple International Certification

2023 & 2024

Your Path to Become a Master Trainer

Excel as a Corporate & NLP Trainer, Goa & Hybrid

Level 1
6 - 18 Feb & 23 - 25 Feb

Fri 2:00 pm – 8:00 pm | Sat, Sun 10:30 am – 6:30 pm

Level 2
4 - 9 May

Sat – Thu 10:30 am – 6:30 pm

"The Bridge" : Advanced Trainer Training

11 - 14 May

Sat, Sun 10:30 am – 6:30 pm | Mon, Tue 6:30 pm – 10:00 pm

Master Trainer Training,
Goa & Hybrid

Part 1
31 May - 3 Jun

Fri – Mon 10:30 am – 6:30 pm 

Part 2
4 - 6 Jun

Tue – Thu 10:30 am – 6:30 pm

Objectives & Content Excel as a Corporate & NLP Trainer 12 days

Pre-requisite for MTT

This is the most out of the box Corporate & NLP Trainer Training you can find in India and in the Middle East. You will learn the “Meta -Patterns” embedded in a very structural approach for you to learn step by step how to become a charismatic trainer who attracts many participants.

Learning the most advanced NLP linguistics for presenting, enriched with techniques from Emotional Engagement and Improv Theatre will empower you to create and deliver impactful and effective presentations that deliver content clearly and precisely.

Training is imparting knowledge but also needs to be entertaining and fun.

What Will You Learn


Apply accelerated leaning methods


The innovative Time Matrix to bring outcomes, purpose and potential effectively into action


Use of motivation styles (Meta Program) to predict and utilize trainee's behaviors


Language for presentation to speak fluently no matter what and always make sense


Exercise Design Excellence to utlilize pairs, triads and small groups to create desired learning results


Story-telling skills to enrich multi-level meaning-making,using the stage, body and Theatre Improv to emotionally engage your audience


The knack for successfully transforming and utilizing any difficult audience behaviors


Ready-made powerful feedback templates


Apply the magic effectiveness of multi-sensory learning and stimulation


Potent skills to grow your career and business as a trainer

Benefits of this international certification

  If you are a Certified Trainer already:
You may enter into the Master Trainer program!

Our NLP Master Trainer program bases upon the skills of the SNLP 12-Day original Trainer Training. However if you should not be able or not want to attend our TT and maybe have a Trainer certification from any other organization you are still able to join.

We have designed for you

The Bridge

Feel confirmed that these 3 days are filled with the  into most of the concepts, techniques, exercises and presentations in a way bridging you  to enter being able to join of the Master Trainer.

"The Bridge" : Advanced Trainer Training

11 - 14 May

Sat, Sun 10:30 am – 6:30 pm | Mon, Tue 6:30 pm – 10:00 pm

You will receive a brush up of the advanced learning and training concepts, language applications, creative stage utilization applications as well as diving deep into the artistry of training and exercise design. The way our TTs are embedded in deepest level or rapport and creating unified fields you will transform away from focusing on self as a trainer but adopt the finesse of becoming one with your group or any size audience. These 3 days will increase your confidence, congruence and competence as a trainer readying yourself for the next step becoming a Master Trainer.

Transform any apprehensions or doubts into the hands of your experienced, spiced and outstanding Master Trainer who will guide you to perform on the requested level.

Certification Requirements & Options

You will receive Master Trainer certification after completing the 8 days. You will only receive NLP Master Trainer certification after having completed all NLP requirements (Prac and Master Prac twice with valid international certification plus 15 supervision group hours with Dr.Doris.

In this Master Trainer Training you will build upon each of the significant elements of Training & Learning (Framing, GBP, GFP, Story-Telling, Training content and exercise design, Living System thinking Model, The Overall Structure for Learning & Training, Nested Loops, etc…) and outshine yourself as a trainer now readying yourself to certify trainers.

We invite you to

Explore the deep relationship within teaching and learning as part of the same process and develop your abilities to facilitate group-unity, group-spirit and group-learning as a means to promote deep, accelerated and cohesive learnings.

Experiment with putting your training ideas into action in the moment you think about them.

Expand your skills to utilize whatever behaviors, states and attitudes that come forth in your audience as examples of what you are teaching to make profound shifts in thinking happen.

Stretch your abilities to bring greater potential into action and surprise yourself with your abilities to create powerful metaphors for development and change in an instant!

Explore skills that a trainer needs to train trainers and strengthen and expand your core-capacities in ways that support, embellish and permeate your training style.

Discover the power of non-judgmental awareness based on the intention to be present and acknowledge whatever happens as an opportunity to create a potent, clear inner environment for focus, energizing a sense of wonder that expands the opportunities inherent in everyday life.

Experience the “Diamond Strategy” as a cooperation model to explore the polarities of opposites which can be like “inner demons”. Transform any inner demon in way of your brilliance as a Master Trainer utilizing a unified field that opens up a greater range of perspective and freedom in thinking and in action.

Design “Contrast Frames” for making instantaneous distinctions that accelerate and deepen learning and integrate the effectiveness of contrast frames in your training design.

Utilize a new version of the Language “Aikido Strategy” to pivot avoidance and the stressful into the interesting and attractive… transforming self-criticism and self-doubt into a source of possibility and opportunity to advance the training and learning process.

Add the Q.U.E.S.T. Model to your skill-set as a poly-contextual model for setting training and learning goals to actualize unrealized capabilities and bring greater potential into action in ways that enrich your experience and interactions with others.

Advance nested loops to the next level by incorporating the “Staircase Model” into your presentations and exercise design to expand your skills, creating connections and continuity through time in ways that build deep, cohesive and synergistic learning.

Unite the indispensable power of vision and purpose to communicate your passion and commitment with congruency in ways that make a difference in your life and in the lives of others, inspiring people to reach higher to put into action that which is most meaningful in their lives.

Curiculum & Content Overview

Through the various activities planned for your delight


Turn any challenges in the group room into a source of possibility and golden opportunities.


Transform unconscious habits to significantly extending your capability to stay externally focused.


Explore a unique and advanced way to integrate and train on the basis of the Operational NLP Presuppositions. Enjoy a structured way of scoring yourself in their implementation.


Framing Outcomes Setting Directing will be further downloaded and extended with applying, demonstrating and presenting the “Quest Model”.


You will bring the Key-Design Principles for Learning and Training onto another level through specific presentations


The Infinity Strategy will be applied every day in a different way until it flows into your presentations at different times and in different ways without any preparation.


Excel with advanced Improv Theatre techniques through the the C.R.O.W. model which is a fun training element that increases confirmation and uses auditory tuning cards that will greatly develop the use of your voice. (Voice Training)


Form new levels of audience tracking skills through the process called “Calibrating the Moment”.


• The Modelling “Wow” fun technique enriches your with advanced Scanning Strategies.

Why Choose Us

Dr. Doris’s 35 years of experience in having made a difference for more than 1,00,000 people round the world is embedded in her caring approach always committed to excel your learnings and potential as a trainer. Her extensive background in all levels of NLP, Emotional Intelligence, Presentation and Trainer Training will fill you with the confidence, outrageousness, and charm you need to succeed. She is called the most “kinesthetic – physical” trainer in the east, adding physical anchoring and exercises within every training session. She excels in how to use the stage and your body and your emotions in a way that supports you to present like you never presented before…

She is the only NLP Master Trainer in the East & Asia offering triple international certification (CS, EC, ABNLP & SNLP).


Extensive and SNLP original training material

Three manuals

Audio Recording & Video Recordings of your presentations

Assistance in getting missed hours and assignments completed

One Year Monthly group internships/supervision with the Master Trainer

Access to a TT & MTT platform with extensive practice opportunities

About Dr. Doris

Dr. Doris’s 35 years of experience in NLP, Emotional Intelligence and Presentation will fill you with the confidence, outrageousness and charm you need to succeed. She is called the most “kinesthetic – physical” trainer in the east. She excels in how to use the stage and your body and your emotions in way that supports you to present like you never presented before…

She is the only NLP Master Trainer in the East & Asia offering double international certification (ABNLP & SNLP).

You are so welcome.

Dr. Doris

Meta Trainer, NLP & EI


Yes, join as a Conscious Solutions Trainer and certify through us and all international logos.

Yes, if your TT is 12 days minimum and certified internationally. Otherwise, attend “The Bridge” 3-Day program to learn prerequisites for Master Trainer.

Successful attendance gives you the Corporate Trainer certification. After retaking NLP Practitioner & NLP Masters and 15 Super Vision group hours post TT, you automatically receive the NLP Trainer title.

Yes, encouraged for career acceleration. Your provisional certificate will be replaced with the final one upon completing all conditions.

Yes, choose package 2 or 1 for a minimum one-year monthly group internships. Conscious Solutions Trainer access allows unlimited re-takes. 100% satisfaction guaranteed. Enroll for a free consultation now!

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