Hanadi Al Saffar - Dr. Doris NLP
Hanadi Al Saffar
  • Emotional Intelligence facilitator
  • Happiness Coach & Sub-cognitive behavioral modelist
  • NLP Master Practitioner
  • Integrated Clinical Hypnotherapist
Hanadi Al Saffar has spent many years as Training & Operations Manager in corporate and hospitality. She is versed in Happiness Coaching from Hypnotherapy, Emotional Intelligence. NLP helped her to understand herself and others and befriend time in a way that gave her a significant change in her life and made her coach people daily with passion. Hanadi is dedicated to connecting with her clients and workshop participants on a deep level to facilitate their passion reaching their greater goals.

She is committed to continue transforming her client’s limiting emotions and believes for positive transformation and for empowering them to create their realities. One of the things that are most important for Hanadi in her life is overall well-being and happiness. She is mostly in a happy and jolly state and influences the people around her to do same. Not taking any excuses for any type of issue or problem, Hanadi is an expert in facilitating greater happiness in her client and students no matter what.

Specification/Expertise within NLP or/ and EI Emotional

Intelligence workshops and trainings, Coaching in happiness creation, boosting and maintenance.