Leila Bakhtiari - Dr. Doris NLP
Leila Bakhtiari
  • NLP Master Trainer
  • NLP Practitioner, Master Coach
  • Emotional Intelligence Trainer
  • Conscious Parenting Coach
  • Theta-Healing Practitioner and Teacher
  • Hypnotherapist
  • Sufi Whirling Dance Teacher

Leila Bakhtiari is a passionate Coach, Trainer and Speaker with extensive background in HR, Marketing and Corporate Management, having excellent communication skills and advanced level of customer service skills. She continues to hone her ability to deliver tailored support for those who would like to improve their quality of life and those who would like to enhance their career and well-being.

Born in Iran, Leila is of Persian heritage with Kurdish root. She moved to UAE to pursue her university degrees where she successfully completed a B.S. in Business Administration concentrating in Marketing and MIS from American University of Sharjah (AUS) and a double-major Master Degree in Strategic Management and Human Resource Management from University of Wollongong in Dubai.

‏Leila has been exposed to diversified experiences in the field of research, branding, corporate communications, B2B networking and marketing in well-known leading organizations such as Citi Bank, MBC Group, Dubai Properties, and Esprit for more than 12 years.

Leila’s Passion is to awaken her clients and the world for global empowerment and peace. She also offers Laughter Yoga, Access Bars, Shadow Integration and Anger Release sessions. Leila is committed to create infinite resourceful solutions for any participant of her workshops and all her clients.

“You are always One Decision away from a totally different life!”

Since early years in her teenage years, she always had that passion for learning and personal development, healing, self growth and humanitarian activities. Following her learning stage, she started her personal development and healing practices many years ago, where she is successfully helping many people by sharing her practical learnings joyfully and resourcefully in a bundle of professional education services with the world through her various training courses in the field of Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), Emotional Intelligence (EI), Hypnosis, Accelerated Learning and Holistic Healing Wellness.

Leila firmly believes in continuous learning and excelling in life and she believes that knowledge is infinite and the true power is experiencing your knowledge wisely. She is compassionate and empathic to trainees' and clients needs and her passion for training and coaching comes from the love for awakening and empowering people and helping them to create more resourceful, joyful and purposeful lives.