NLP Certificate Information - Dr. Doris NLP

Our focus is to train NLP in an authentic, practical and measurable way. We offer the original NLP, no abbreviation, no mix and no thinning down, with content and materials straight from the original SNLP (1980 CA, USA). This material is not copied and pasted but freshly and consistently up-dated.

Dr. Doris is one senior level below the originators and connected to many of the senior trainers up until today. Her life’s work and commitment is to provide the highest standard NLP trainings which includes custom-designing to individuals and groups.

snlp certification india
We believe that people are “The Heart of the Matter”.
We select the interaction techniques and strategies that
express congruency, ethics and care.

DorisNLP Workshops & Certification Trainings

people are the heart of the matter

We believe in learning by doing and apply the original NLP accelerated, highly engaging learning styles. DorisNLP is fun, practical and active. Our lessons are very structured and methodically and designed for your direct use, so that you can apply these empowering tools step-by-step and daily more and more in your life.

NLP Practitioner

The curriculum focuses on having you experience the fundamentals of NLP for your greater clarity on your own and other’s patterns and how to re-program those thinking, speaking and behavior patterns.

NLP Master

The curriculum brings the techniques of the mind, the emotions and also the spirit together in a unique, caring and very effective way.

Corporate & NLP Trainer

We invite you to choose this training as it is recognized by the international market for its highest competency and global standard.

EI Practitioner

When people are joyful and happy they raise their productivity, have better relationships, work more effectively and have a better work-­life balance.

EI Master

The Emotional Intelligence Master equips you to excel your EI Practitioner skills with models to handle and transform intricate emotional issues like trauma, compulsion, addiction, codependency and guilt.

EI Facilitator

Emotional Intelligence training is in demand in today’s corporate world. It becomes more and more recognized in schools and universities.